IPG is committed to providing consultant and independent agent training to foster our ability to offer the appropriate life insurance based wealth structuring and transfer planning solutions for wealthy individuals irrespective of where they reside.

Our consultants are indoctrinated in IPG concepts to solve liquidity needs by guiding clients through a comprehensive understanding and planning process to determine the most appropriate strategies and concepts to achieve the client’s total wealth planning goals, while matching the appropriate life insurance products with the solution.

IPG’s training establishes the appropriate culture, builds the capabilities necessary to meet client’s life insurance based planning needs and introduces the right sales philosophies for our markets. Ensuring our consultants and employees are properly trained is critical to IPG’s success in delivering clients appropriate wealth structuring and transfer planning solutions.

IPG consultants and employees are provided with an in-depth understanding of why IPG is an important component in developing a total wealth plan. The aim of our training philosophy is to empower and energize employees with sales techniques and processes proven to be successful.