IPG’s planning method is a needs based process that allows clients to develop and implement a plan to meet their planning needs and objectives. A high level of collaboration between an IPG consultant and the client’s advisors characterizes our practice. Initially, it is important to develop a trusting relationship with clients and their advisors in order to facilitate IPG’s understanding of each client’s unique situation and to recommend the best plan. Once the relationship is established, it is necessary to discuss a client’s specific needs with advisors as well as for the client to identify potential solutions, which involves defining and clarifying wealth planning objectives, and prioritizing goals through a series of situational assessments. IPG then collaborates with a client’s advisors to develop a comprehensive wealth plan and presents a variety of recommendations for potential strategies. Once the plan is approved, we implement with the appropriate products and strategies. Finally, IPG clients benefit from a proprietary service program designed to monitor plan performance and ensure the plan continues to meet the client’s needs.