Annual Reviews
Each year a review book is custom designed and delivered to each client containing:

  • The annual statement
  • Contact information
  • Terms and definitions

In force illustrations and re-projections Our service staff's primary responsibility is to visit each client every year to review their policy performance, the original plan, and get updated information to assure the plan is still relevant and up to date based on any changes to the client's situation.

Ongoing Suitability
As part of the annual review process for each client, IPG performs an update of the planning needs of the client including an evaluation of the in-force performance of the policy as compared to the initial projections and new products that may be available in the marketplace.

Policy Changes
Any policy change is coordinated through IPG home office client service department. IPG service staff will liaison with all appropriate parties including the client, trustee, relationship manager, consultant and carrier to ensure a quick and accurate change. Requests for changes are put in process the same day that they are received

Question & Inquiries
Questions and inquiries are welcome. IPG staff is committed to assure all client questions and concerns are answered accurately and quickly. IPG provides both local service staff and centralized US based staff to be available in any time zone to answer questions.

Confidentiality & Privacy
Protecting client confidentiality and privacy is paramount to the IPG business system. Our processes and systems, as well as our corporate structure, are designed to ensure client information is handled with care and released only with the client's consent.