Life Insurance Solicitation/Availability

Each region of the world has different laws and regulations in place for the purchase of life insurance products. Based on years of experience and extensive legal research, IPG has developed very specific sales processes to introduce our wealth structuring and transfer planning services to clients worldwide.

IPG is authorized to conduct insurance business in 6 countries: Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, Bermuda, Switzerland and the United States. In order to assist residents of more than 40 countries with their total wealth planning needs, we possess the capabilities and knowledge of fully researched laws and regulations, legal opinions and developed sales processes that are compliant with local regulations.

By way of example, below is a generic sales process typical for many regions. If you are interested in learning more about our ability to conduct business within your region please contact one of our regional offices LINK for more information.

To see a visual representation of the IPG slaes process click here»