All consultants attend a formal two-week training program at the beginning of their employment. The program is designed to introduce IPG’s Culture, Capabilities and Sales Philosophy as well as provide an in- depth understanding for the products and services we provide. By the end of the two- week program consultants have a working knowledge of the IPG sales process, products, solutions, underwriting, market landscape, market specific solutions, how to utilize their resources, compliance and administration necessary to be successful in building relationships, designing solutions and funding liquidity through life insurance products.


University is a proprietary training program developed to help facilitate a thorough understanding of IPG’s role in providing access to liquidity strategies, solutions and products for relationship managers within our referral partner’s organizations

The primary goal of IPG University is to enable relationship managers from our referral partners to be fully capable of leveraging IPG’s value-added wealth structuring and transfer planning services.

IPG University offers relationship managers comprehensive training to enhance their knowledge of the relationship between IPG and their organization. It allows them to become more aware of how life insurance can positively affect relationship manager’s clients and their business, helps them become fluent in the basics of life insurance and related planning concepts, and teaches them to be aware of potential client planning needs so they are ultimately better able to identify opportunities within their client base.