Compliance is a prerequisite function of the IPG business system.  From establishing new corporate entities to entering new markets, to designing new planning concepts for clients, to training and managing sales consultants, to tracking and approving sales activity, compliance is integral to IPG.

IPG employees are required to act with diligence, care, skill and accountability in making recommendations to current and potential IPG clients. IPG management is responsible for managing the compliance of our sales consultants, employees, partners and clients.

IPG maintains legal and compliant solicitation and business practices for over 40 jurisdictions worldwide to protect our clients, partners and employees. We are responsible to exercise best practices in our vigilance to remain compliant in our business activities through:

Extensive legal research to develop customized and compliant procedures for each country

Case and sales management system to track all appointment and sales activity with real-time audit to ensure compliance by all sales staff

Systematic updates to track any changes in laws/regulations and appropriate updates to the process for each country