For nearly 40 years, International Planning Group (IPG) has been recognized as a leader in the development of life insurance based wealth structuring and transfer planning solutions for affluent individuals and executives of multi-national corporations. By utilizing highly competitive life insurance products combined with trust and corporate structures, IPG develops and implements multi-faceted solutions to meet complex global estate and business planning needs.

Working with over one thousand high net worth clients residing in over 50 countries, our knowledge and expertise of the relevant tax, cross border, compliance and solicitation issues as well as our commitment to ongoing service, IPG effectively addresses clients’ specific wealth structuring and transfer planning needs. As each individual family’s planning needs and objectives are unique, IPG develops customized, integrated solutions designed to compliment a client’s existing plan.

IPG possesses the capabilities to provide innovative plan designs, the expertise to deliver customized life insurance based solutions and access to the products necessary to implement solutions for a variety of complex needs. We assist clients with strategies to maximize wealth accumulation, generate liquidity, meet personal liabilities, plan for future business continuity and facilitate additional wealth and security for clients and their families.

The world’s most respected private banks, investment managers, accounting firms, law firms and insurance carriers select IPG as their trusted partner to assist their clients. With consultants assigned to Asia, Europe, Latin America the Middle East and North America, our experienced staff of professionals provide customized long term solutions for clients worldwide.